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17-Jun-2017 04:43

Like Joan, I have no intention of letting my body slide flabbily into middle age.

I believe that any woman with a modicum of self-respect should watch her figure with the same vigour.

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Starting Sept 10th on FOX watch him every Wednesday PM in his new show Do Not Disturb. Jerry O’Connell is dressed in a black outfit, with his hair styled and stubble grown in, to resemble Tom Cruise as he appeared in an interview about Scientology. You can just know that someone is an actor just by looking at he or she because actors are usually not working. And then, what happens is, the elephant comes over and goes, “Hey, Mr.

For lunch I'd eat a bagel with the bread inside scooped out and replaced with salad.

This process, together with Christianization of Bavarians, was later described in the memorandum known as the Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum, which is thought to have over-emphasized the role of the Church of Salzburg in the Christianization process over similar efforts of the Patriarchate of Aquileia.… continue reading »

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