Best rod for casting Argentina sex chat

16-Dec-2017 03:20

This rod was designed for the angler on-the-go, and does not sacrifice durability for portability. Another great feature of this rod comes from within the company itself.

Despite being a smaller and lesser-known name, Entsport have excellent customer service and put out a very good product.

The rod’s stiffness is perfect for jigging on the bottom for those rockfish at 150 feet with 8 ounce weights. This rod is not the best choice if you are going to be casting all day, or else you might need to invest in some anti-inflammatories for your sore shoulders.

This will be a good rod to get you started, but it’s a good idea to go for a lighter one if you are doing a lot of fishing.

It has a good action and is excellent for going after bass and other fish in that same weight range.

The line guides are strong, the rod is sensitive yet very durable, and even with a medium action you can feel every contour of the bottom on those retrievals.

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I like to start with what is good, but still affordable for entry level or the more budget angler.Having this rod in your arsenal will give you a nice and sturdy addition that will not fold under pressure from those more feisty inshore species.

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