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Rosario knows Ignacio, a simple man, who looks exactly like Fabian, and therefore hates him.Ignacio suffers from being confused with the singer by his crazy fans. But Ignacio just want to have a family, and doesn't endorse Rosario's dream of being a singer.The clip is a success and they decided to form a band, "Empreguetes." They write new songs like "Marias Brasileiras", "Forro das Curicas" among others.The Empreguetes start being more and more successful, which excites the entrepreneur Tom Bastos and Fabian, who want at all costs to separate Rosario and Ignatius.

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When Cida finds out that her card was stolen, she wants to put them behind bars but Ernani doesn't let her do so. She brings in changes and this includes letting her godmother, Valda, be treated as a guest.The telenovela is directed by Allan Fiterman, Maria de Médicis, Natália Grimberg and Denise Saraceni.