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02-Jul-2017 09:04

The guys are passive not because they’re genetically weak (they come from Viking stock for fuck’s sake), but because the environment encourages them with more bangs if they pretty much wait for pussy to fall onto their laps.

If you’re staying for a while, you’ll feel the smallness in the second month once you start to recognize most of the people in your regular bars.

Even if you’re 100% sure where you’ve seen her before, pretend that you’re only vaguely familiar about how you met.

You lose a lot of value by vividly remembering people, because it implies that they impacted you strongly.

The lack of dating in Iceland creates a fascinating bang progression.

In America, it would take a certain number of digits, kisses, and dates to get one bang.

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In Iceland my cell phone mostly served as a heavy watch.For them it’s okay that they didn’t make a move on the pretty girl they’ve been eyeing because odds are he’ll see her again next week, possibly with a mutual friend who can set up an easy social introduction.

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