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Compositions like Krishna Nee Begane Baaro, Venkatachala Nilayam, Jagadoddharana, Tamboori Meetidava are some of the many examples of their scholarly work.

One of the oldest forms of music in the region is Karnataka Shastreeya Sangeetha which has evolved over ages.

Dasa is literally "servant" in Kannada and sahitya is literature.Other forms of music include Gamaka, Rangabhoomi or the theater culture is a tradition with Kannadigas.While a lot of gadhya (literature) is written in praise of the heroic characters of the epics and puranas, there are major works depicting the kings and their rule.Christmas is celebrated at large in Bengaluru and Mangalooru which host some of the oldest churches and educational institutions of the country.

Buddha, Mahaveera, Shankara, Basavanna and Gandhi are remembered on their birth anniversaries.

The cuisine of Karnataka includes many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.