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08-Dec-2017 08:20

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Why is it a bad idea to go out with boys who don’t share my faith?

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This week, we’re inviting you to share your stories—uncut and uncensored.It was, essentially, this: that Christian guys hid behind God-excuses rather than taking dating seriously – or even try it at all. We date, I think, less casually, or less prolifically, particularly in our teens.Certainly in Christian circles in the ‘90s, there were boyfriends and girlfriends, and there were, of course, the annual Sex Talks in church youth groups: how far can I go?#Because Fundamentalism," Twitter user Elizabeth Esther first wrote."@elizabethesther my school wasn't allowed to have prom.

Because @Harris Josh lol," replied Jessica Kathryn.

Harris apologized again and revealed that he had plans to reevaluate his advice from ."@elizabethesther I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the loss you've experienced and ways my book contributed," Harris responded.