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Article 16 Additional information Member States shall provide the Commission with any additional information that may be requested on the implementation of this Decision. Based on the current Decision and on national control action programmes, and after consultation with the Member States, the Commission shall submit the Union inspection plan to the ICCAT Commission one month before its annual meeting according to point 9 of ICCAT Recommendation 10-04. The Commission shall convene once a year a meeting of the Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture to evaluate the compliance with and the results of the specific control and inspection programme with a view to prepare the report the Union is required to provide to the ICCAT Secretariat on 15 October each year.

CHAPTER IV All caging operation into a farm must have been authorised by the flag Member State(s) of the catching vessel(s) and/or the trap where appropriate within 48 hours following the submission of the information required for the caging operation; All caging of bluefin tuna shall be accompanied by accurate, complete and validated documentation as required by ICCAT (including as provided for by ICCAT Recommendation 10-04); Each caging operation shall be inspected by the competent authorities of the farm Member State.

In case of caging, this includes the cross check between the caging declaration, video records and the results of sampling programmes and pilot studies; The information referred to all relevant findings from the inspection done at sea, by aerial surveillance, in ports, traps, farms or in any other enterprise concerned shall be noted in the inspection reports.

In case of an inspection in the framework of the ICCAT Scheme of Joint International Inspection, the official should register the inspections undertaken and any infringements detected in the vessel log.

Article 3 Material scope The specific control and inspection programme shall cover the following activities: all related activities of farms and operators engaged in caging, fattening, farming, harvesting or processing of bluefin tuna and/or in trade of bluefin tuna products, including domestic trade, importation, exportation and re-exportation, transport and storage; the implementation of any observer programme in the Union, including the Member States’ observer programme, and the ICCAT Regional Observer Programme, as provided for by points 90, 91, 92 and Annex 7 of ICCAT Recommendation 10-04; ▼B Article 5 Priorities Different gear categories shall be subject to different levels of prioritisation, according to the annual fishing plan.

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An infringement shall continue to be listed on each subsequent report until the action is concluded under the law of the Member State concerned.

The results obtained through its application should be periodically evaluated in cooperation with the Member States concerned.

In order to harmonise the control and inspection of the bluefin tuna fishery at Union level, it is appropriate to draw up common rules for the control and inspection activities to be carried out by the competent authorities of the Member States concerned, and that Member States adopt national control action programmes in order to comply with such common rules.

Article 13 Cooperation between Member States All Member States shall cooperate with the Member States referred to in Article 12(1) in the implementation of the specific control and inspection programme.

Article 14 Joint inspection and surveillance activities Part or the whole of the national control action programmes referred to in Article 12 may be implemented by way of a joint deployment plan adopted by . Article 15 Report on the implementation of national control action programmes 1.

An inspection report shall be drawn up for each control and inspection, in the format set out in Part 2 of this Annex.