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The town was mostly deserted, with only 90 residents still living in the city until the early 2000s when it saw an increase of population, being home to around 3,000 people as of 2017 Henry Ford looked for alternatives and a permanent place to establish a colony to produce rubber.Central America was considered; however, information about the rubber trees in the Amazon was uncovered when the then-governor of the State of Pará, Dionísio Bentes, traveled to the United States to meet Ford.Seeking workers, several offices were opened in the cities of Belém and Manaus, and with the promise of good wages people of the nearby states answered.In lower temperatures the latex is concentrated in the lower areas of the tree, as the temperature rises during the day the latex spreads throughout the tree, making the tapping less effective.This became known as the Breaking Pans (Portuguese: Quebra-Panelas).The rebels proceeded to cut the telegraph wires and chased away the managers and even the town's cook into the jungle for a few days until the Brazilian Army arrived and the revolt ended.A small settlement was established 8 kilometres (5 mi) upstream on the "Island of Innocence" with bars, nightclubs and brothels. None of Ford's managers had the requisite knowledge of tropical agriculture.

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It is located on the east banks of the Tapajós river roughly 300 km south of the city of Santarém.

Most disliked the way they were treated, being required to wear ID badges, and work through the middle of the day under the tropical sun – and would often refuse to work.

In 1930, the native workers grew tired of the American food and revolted in the town's cafeteria.

In 1928, Ford Company sent two merchant ships – Lake Ormoc and Lake Farge – loaded with all the equipment the town could possibly require, from door knobs to the town's water tower.

The town was then founded under the name Fordlândia.

Due to this, the typical journey of a rubber tapper began early in the morning, at around 5 am, ending at noon.