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Currently, she is a scholar of the Patient Safety and Quality Leadership Scholars Program at the University of Michigan Medical School. Sweier helps foster leadership skills and development in junior faculty, staff, and dental students through formal and informal ways within the department, the school, and the curriculum via the Pathways Program. [email protected] John Hamerink is a faculty course director of multiple courses and electives in the Pathways Program. She coordinates program planning and development of student curricula, helped develop the program manual and training for faculty guides and mentors, assists in maintaining the online portfolio system, Canvas course sites and other building blocks of the program.

She maintains active mentoring of dental students as they develop and implement their capstone projects, while directing the Selective Pathway which facilitates student choice in dental education. He supports both the Immersion and Selective Pathways. She works to monitor student progress and advise on projects, remediation and graduation requirements and oversees project and budget management, reporting and tracking.

Some people will tell you you'll be ok, many others will tell you anything less than a full size truck to tow is crazy.

In my opinion, keep everything under the rated limits of the vehicle and expect to drive very carefully when towing and you will be fine.

For many years he practiced general dentistry in Toledo, Ohio while also flying as a pilot. Pinsky is now known as Captain Pinsky, having earned his “fourth stripe” in 1996.

He subsequently completed a General Practice Residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pa. After completing his dental training, he pursued a dual track career, practicing as a dentist part time while flying professionally as a first officer and then captain at a New Jersey commuter airline before moving to a first officer position at a major airline.

Those limits are towing capacity, tongue weight, axle weights and overall weight.

You'll need a special scale for the tongue weight and all the other weights can be measured at a vehicle scale.

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Captain Pinsky is currently qualified as an International “Line Check Pilot” and instructor on the Airbus A-330 aircraft. Pinsky went back to school and earned a Post-Doctoral Scholar Certificate from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.She coordinates the development of new elective courses for the Selectives Pathway from initial planning through student enrollment and course completion.