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The former engineer, who, like many Bulgarians, was compelled to seek an alternate livelihood after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, has an encyclopedic knowledge of Sofia and beyond.It's a Friday evening and a torrent of residents, some of them swathed in green, red and white Bulgarian flags, are streaming toward the parliament building.Imagine having each and every post you make on Twitter or Facebook get seen by thousands of people and then having their hundreds of thousands of friends and followers see them as well.Don’t forget about the added benefits that these types of boosts can give you in the big search engines either.I visited in July when hotel rates are rock-bottom, thanks to the dearth of business travelers.(A prepaid Internet booking at the five-star Grand Hotel Sofia came to 6, with tax.) But because language can be a challenge -- many places are signed only in Cyrillic -- I link up with Lyuba Boyanin of Lyuba Tours.

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All traffic is fully unique, fully trackable in Google Analytics and has shown low bounce rates and great time on site stats! All views are 100% natural (human) and partner-safe.The city is full of delightful surprises, from the yellow brick roads in its historic center to the partially exposed, 1,800-year-old Roman city that lies beneath.