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Pick any interest and you will find people will similar interests that have formed a group. Whether you consider it a game or an education experience depends on how you define a game. You can be a gorgeous or ugly woman and learn how men and women react to you.

The participants in Second Life come from all over the world. As a male playing a woman you can hear the horrible pick-up lines guys try.

For practical purposes we can do more things in Second Life’s world than we can in real life (RL). Very little of the content is made by the world operators, Linden Lab. There are some amazing exhibits that pass through the gallery.

Similar to life those building things are selling them and making real life money. Rather than just pictures or a sculpture whole landscapes are sculpted into amazing places with structures and creates that could never exist in the physical world. That category covers games like Golf, Go, Fishing, Bowling and more that are easily classed as games. Is a dance club with your favorite music and people dancing a social experience or a game? Linden Lab, the creator and operator of SL, has made it as easy to find the things you are looking for as is possible, but it is still a challenge, just as in real life.

I suppose it can be, but those that have been around will tell you Second Life isn’t a game, but there are numerous games within it.

Unlike Steam or Desura the virtual world of Second Life takes you into a massive user created world rather than a list of games.

It is like trying to describe everything in Disneyland.Not only are there games listed there, you will find groups listed. They range from famous musicians to unknown DJ’s, to karaoke, fashion, beach parties, strip clubs, and just about anything you can imagine.So, if you are into vampires there are groups of people with similar interests. Second Life has one of what I consider the most unique environments for dating simulation. For dating this can safely give you perspective you could never get in real life.To find those places look in the Destination Guide under Exceptional with Oculus Rift.

It is free to get into Second Life and to play most of the games inside it.Whether you are a fitness buff or not, you will enjoy our fitness center with Paramount Multi-gym, Life Cycle (2), Stairmaster, Trotter Treadmill (2), rowing machine and Elliptic machine, complete with weight room (yoga mats also available).