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10-Dec-2017 08:00

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Being a woman on Tinder in 2015, you can’t swipe for five minutes before seeing a man’s profile with their height listed, usually with the words ‘because apparently it’s important’ after it.

especially one that can be sustained long enough between both parties to necessitate developing a relationship. Although I have a bit of a history of dating taller dudes, I swear it isn't intentional.

Sadly, though, biology is still largely in charge when attraction happens. Height seems to play key in a lot of folks' dating decisions, though, if Tinder profiles are any indication.

Love isn't blind, and we sure know dating isn't blind, either. I'm five-foot-three and wouldn't identify as catastrophically or even particularly short.

There are a lot of nuanced factors that go into triggering that ultra-dopamine rush... But coupled with a six-foot-two partner, it certainly looks more that way, huh?

There's no way to argue or persuade biology, even if the person with the pheromones our brains most like stands a good foot taller or shorter than you. Some people much prefer to date someone only five-foot-eight or taller so heels look less extreme.

(Hint: most of it involves compromise which, TBH, should be a core of any functioning relationship, despite how you measure up physically.)Someone has to stoop. Occasionally, this inspires a mild case of vertigo that causes one or both parties to trip and/or fall. Also, as the person who is typically shorter, I gotta say it makes you feel like you're being led on a field trip at a museum or something. Shorter people have to crane their neck and eyeballs up.Men take body shape into account too, maybe not always in regards to the height but most men would probably have an idea of whether their perfect woman is slim or curvy.Another issue surrounding a man’s height, is how often it is lied about.THAT IS THE WORST (unless specially requested, then that's fine). Ultimately, height is vain whatever and doesn't matter.

I dated a six-foot-four dude for a while and during our relationship, I frequently borrowed his tank tops for a makeshift sundress. You found someone cool who thinks you're cool, too? Seriously — we can deal with all that stuff, right? Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

Intense is an understatement, and I nervously laughed my way through the date.