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08-Aug-2017 07:07

For my device, it has a quad-band GSM module (datasheet), which makes sense considering Progressive inked a deal with AT&T to provide data service for it.

On Progressive’s website, they disclose that they track vehicle speed, but not location data. It is no different from a cellphone that is connected through the AT&T network.

You can inspect the patent to see what it has under the hood.

The Snapshot device continuously streams your vehicle’s data to Progressive’s servers while driving.

In this review, you’ll be better informed if you wish to take part in the monitoring program.

When I signed up for the discount program, I didn’t understand precisely how the program worked, but after a month, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons that any insured driver should know about these devices.

It means they just got ratted out to Progressive for slowing down just a little too fast.The Snapshot device has a lot of electronics packed in its 2” X 3” size.It has a memory chip, cellular radio and a GPS radio that communicates with satellites for location tracking.The Snapshot device is a small module that you plug into your On-Board Diagnostics Type 2 (OBD-II) port on your car.

The OBD-II system allows automotive technicians to diagnose vehicle activities and has access to practically every sub-system on your car: engine, drivetrain, brakes, transmission, electronics — you name it, it can be acquired through OBD-II.Here is a direct link to the Snapshot Terms & Conditions.

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