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However, all the other fields are guaranteed not to contain commas, so the data can still be parsed unambiguously.The columns in the dataset are defined as: 1352854086000,/user/mwcl_wikipedia_en,1352855856000,/user/mwcl_wikipedia_en,/m/03r90,/type/object/key,/wikipedia/en/$B816,en 1355171076000,/user/mwcl_musicbrainz,1364258198000,/user/turtlewax_bot,/m/0nncp9z,/music/recording/artist,/m/01vbfm4,en 1176630380000,/user/mwcl_images,1335928144000,/user/gardening_bot,/m/029w57m,/common/image/size,/m/0kly56,en 1292854917000,/user/mwcl_musicbrainz,1364823418001,/user/mbz_pipeline_merge_bot,/m/0fv1vl8,/type/object/type,/common/topic,en 1205530905000,/user/mwcl_images,1336022041000,/user/gardening_bot,/m/01x5scz,/common/licensed_object/license,/m/02x6b,en 1302391361000,/user/content_administrator,1336190973000,/user/gardening_bot,/m/0gkb45y,/type/object/type,/type/content,en 1176728962002,/user/mwcl_images,1335954186000,/user/gardening_bot,/m/08430h,/common/topic/image,/m/02cs147,en 1172002568007,/user/mwcl_chefmoz,1283588560000,/user/delete_bot,/m/01z4c1z,/type/object/name, La Casa Rosa Mexican Restaurant,en The data has been created based on the Wikidata-Dump of October 28, 2013, and contains only those links that have at least two common Wikipedia-Links and not a single disagreeing Wikipedia-Link.The W3C's RDF Validation Service is useful when learning RDF. The online RDF Validator parses your RDF document, checks your syntax, and generates tabular and graphical views of your RDF document.Copy and paste the example below into W3C's RDF validator: The elements, artist, country, company, price, and year, are defined in the namespace.Let's look at some example statements to get a better understanding: Statement: "The author of https:// is Jan Egil Refsnes". The xmlns:rdf namespace, specifies that elements with the rdf prefix are from the namespace "

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Data Dumps are a downloadable version of the data in Freebase.Persist your data using TDB, a native high performance triple store. Expose your triples as a SPARQL end-point accessible over HTTP.Fuseki provides REST-style interaction with your RDF data.Interact with the core API to create and read Resource Description Framework (RDF) graphs.

Serialise your triples using popular formats such as RDF/XML or Turtle.

This namespace is outside RDF (and not a part of RDF). The elements, artist, country, company, price, and year, must be defined by someone else (company, organization, person, etc).