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The normal rhythm, 60 to 100 contractions per minute, increases during physical or emotional stress and decreases during rest.

The pace varies from person to person and is affected by abnormal conditions such as heart injuries and generalized infections.

When the fetus is ready to be born the pacemakers set off a series of rhythmic contractions in the uterine muscle that gradually force the infant out into the birth canal.wandering pacemaker a condition in which the site of origin of the impulses controlling the heart rate shifts from the head of the sinoatrial node to a lower part of the node or to another part of the atrium.

A pacemaker with pacing electrodes in both the right atrium and the right ventricle, which helps maintain the physiological relationship between atrial and ventricular contraction, and allows the paced heart to follow the increase in sinus rate which occurs during exercise.

Ces troubles du rythme se caractérisent par une fréquence cardiaque très rapide et c'est par ce biais qu'ils sont détectés.

Ils sont régularisés par administration d'un choc électrique fourni au niveau d'une électrode située dans le ventricule droit.

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Le principal facteur limitant l'élargissement de son indication reste son coût important La prévention de la mort subite après un infarctus du myocarde ou une fibrillation ventriculaire a toujours été une préoccupation.According to the Cochrane Summary on point, dual-chamber pacemakers tend to prevent more subsequent heart problems than single-chamber ventricular pacemakers, but are more expensive; their impact on people's overall quality of life is uncertain.