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They would hone in on a white man sitting alone and go over to bat their eyelashes or flirt or ask for a light of their cigarette.A man sitting at a table in front of us was ordering wine and dinner for his “date”, a young woman who kept leaning onto him and putting her arm around him.And I am not one to advocate for abolition of sex work.People can do what they want to do, as long as they do it safely.I was happy to see the guy making eyes at me left alone when the soccer game was over.Commercial sex work is everywhere, and some women really do enjoy their jobs and feel empowered by being able to sell their sexuality.Man everywhere tell you they love you and cheat you! They tended to be older white men with a scruffy look and uncut hair who probably have wives or girlfriends at home to which they act like miserable shlubs.

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After dinner we walked down the road to Q Bar, which is notorious in the neighborhood for being sleazy. said the place is packed with sex workers, so she wanted me to go check it out.

And with Skype connections being so bad lately, even keeping in close contact with Ken has been a challenge.