Torrent updating timed out

25-Aug-2017 11:16

------------------------- it would be good to download a single file up to 12.5MB/s (100Mb/s) instead of multiple files at once to max out our connection hey.. I can't remember the actual technical reason, but I think unless the server is very close to you and has the capacity, it is just not possible to get 100Mbps on a single thread.

Next you will be wanting to max out one of the 1000Mbps services they have in some homes in Japan. I figured out that the bottleneck in my setup is the WAN port of my N1 vision, which is supposed to be gigabit, but seems to limit my DL speed to around 60mbps. DOWN POWER S/N RATIO -----------------------Channel 1: -4.7 d Bmv 37.4 d Bmv Channel 2: -4.8 d Bmv 37.7 d Bmv Channel 3: -5.2 d Bmv 37.5 d Bmv Channel 4: -6.5 d Bmv 37.4 d Bmv Channel 5: -7.7 d Bmv 37.2 d Bmv Channel 6: -7.5 d Bmv 37.5 d Bmv Channel 7: -6.9 d Bmv 37.7 d Bmv Channel 8: -6.1 d Bmv 37.6 d Bmv UP POWER ---------------------Channel 1: 41.0 d Bmv Channel 2: 0.0 d Bmv Channel 3: 0.0 d Bmv Channel 4: 0.0 d Bmv Thanks! try a different computer/device See how you go then -- Thanks Jay.

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Masterbuation chat room

Extreame Hey Guys, Modem hooked up today with disappointing speeds especially on wifi (full signal str) Direct Lan = ~40mbps Wifi N = ~ 30mbps *i know speed test isn't the best but illustrates massive diffrence overwireless... I thought SYD was only going up to 40 – not 100 ....This question was passed around the "experts in the shop" with the result being that they are not aware of any minimum speed... He did a speed test via wired connection to what I assume is a Telstra/Bigpond site that required a logon and password on his little laptop .

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