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While you’ll be tempted to dive into a family fray, do yourself a favor and stay out of it.Challenge Days: December 1: Mars opposite Uranus Argumentative Mars has a showdown with hotheaded Uranus in your outspoken ninth house, which could lead to a clash of opinions and regrettable outbursts.Leo Monthly Horoscope - ELLE - ready for action, Leo.There’s SO much going on in the stars this December that you’ll stay constantly on the move. The Best Date Ideas for Your Zodiac Sign - Best Date Ideas for Your Zodiac Sign.

Yes, I have been to Berghain and it is a very, very impressive experience.Bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of star-crossed lovers.Sagittarius Love Compatibility - Goto - and Gemini love compatibility These two are opposites in the zodiac and are attracted to each other like magnets. Sexual Compatibility Leo and Aries - - Compatibility between leo and aries - read how the stars influence your sex life and love astrology.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Now Saturn will march through your administrative and wellness-minded sixth house.

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You might hire a coach or consultant to help you figure out your next moves.The Jupiter-Neptune trines will transform your home life.

After the past experiences have given them some riddles, they are now trying to solve them.… continue reading »

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