Virus definition file not updating

06-Nov-2017 21:04

I was getting automatic updates installed every Friday night until 3 weeks ago.Then I stopped getting the automatic updates and the message "The virus definition file is more than 30 days old.Hi poppy Please see if you can download malwarebytes from this site instead.Download the free version, install and update then run a FULL scan.EXE" is running when the pop up message is displayed. Updating to a new virus definition file will catch the most recent viruses" displayed every time I start up my computer.I just finished run the Microsoft One Care on-line tune-up which found and fixed 3 issues 1) Worm : Win32/Sasser I 2) Spyware : Win32/Look2ME 3) Program : Win32/Power Reg Schedule The problem is still occurring. Though there are those who can help you with malware issues on this forum, you would be better served by posting this in the business/corporate forums located at the following: I am sure you will get the best assistance over there. Allen Hello jdweng Even though you are running the Corporate version on a home pc, the corporate Forum would have more knowledge about the functioning of the corporate program than we would know in the Forum since this Forum is for the consumer products. Hello jdweng, You can post your query here: If it is the wrong section, a moderator will move the post.

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EXE" is running when the pop up message is displayed. The Symantec Connect site will be your best bet for quality support.The problem I'm seeing is listed on the web having to do with different variations of the Win32/Trojan virus which I believe is one of the viruses that was found on my PC.

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